When Purchasing Wholesale

If you purchase a large wholesale order, please keep in mind that it could take 1-3 weeks for the product to be made, packaged and sent out. 
Stickers, and Coloring Books are printed in the USA
All Prints, and Cards are made in ALASKA. 

How to Become a Wholesale Buyer

Are you interested in selling my art in your store?
Thats so exciting!
To become a wholesale buyer you will need to send me an email and I will send you pricing information, and if the prices are right for you, we will create you a wholesale account.
Once that is done you will be able to purchase Prints, Cards, Stickers and Coloring Books at a discount rate.

How to Buy Wholesale.

(Requires that you have been made a wholesale business account.)
1. Sign in to your account. 
2. Click on "Wholesale" at the navigation menu
3. You should now be viewing listings with (Wholesale) at the end of their title.
4. Add what you want to your cart and check out.

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