About Me

    Felicity Rae Jone is a traditional artist born and raise in Homer Alaska. Growing up on her families homestead overlooking the bay with the mountains beyond, her imagination always ran wild. It is her claim that the sheer beauty of God’s wondrous creation has, and will always instill within her a rapturous fascination.
    She credits her thankful spirit and awareness of the blessings around her to the many trips she has taken, most notably the trip she took to Mozambique Africa. Staying in a tent for three months with little to no electronics, she began drawing on any scrap of paper she could get, even her fathers intro pages to his bible.
When she came home from the trip, the art didn’t stop, and she grew up with a sketchbook practically glued to her hands. From that moment on, she began to see the wonderful beauty of the land around her.
   It is that passionate love for the wild and untamed that ultimately drove her to craft such beautifully intricate artworks. When asked about it she had this to say:
“When I first started to draw, I would try and try to draw realistically, but with each piece I grew more frustrated with my art because no matter how hard I tried my art always seemed to lack anything special. I felt like I was just scratching marks on paper…Then came the day that I discovered something amazing.
        I was sitting on the couch, my beat up drawing pad resting on my knees as I a sketched out a horses head. Just as an experiment I began filling it with doodles. It was at that moment I finally understood what I wanted art to be. For the first time I began to look at the feelings behind my art. So I began to weave my memories into this horse.
     Squiggly lines like the trails we walked, a birds nest that I could only see if I stood on my horse’s back, the old trees shaking in the wind, the first stars shining in the evening sky, and flowers that grew in the hay fields where we would run, her mighty strides lending me wings to race the wind. I worked and worked until there was before me, a piece that was so much more than just a horse.”
     Sparked in the sands of Africa, and blown to a wild fire by the winds of Alaska, Felicity’s passion for art is something only surpassed by her passion for Jesus, and there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t thank Jesus for the gifts He has given her.

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