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I started my art business when I was thirteen, as a small Etsy store. Now look how far I have come! 
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I am an artist that enjoys getting my fingers in clay, crafting with random objects, setting things on fir-ah...eh..., I mean carving with my pyrography pen, painting, etching, dancing, knotting, sewing little jackets for my dog (who hates them) and I hope to learn how to make sterling silver casts for jewelry. 
All that said, I suppose you could call me a jack of all arts, but let me assure you that does not make me a master of none. Ever since I started my journey as an artist, I have worked to finely tune my mastery of the humble pencil, paper, and pen.
 There's something about their simplicity that always pulls me back to them. The open ended possibilities, the fine details I can sketch. It really draws me in. (Sorry)
If you have met me, or invited me to a party, you know that I am rarely ever without my sketch book. It is a part of me that is not easily detached. I often end up sitting alone, like a staring cat, sketching people, or the dragons that are in my thoughts. 
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Did I mention I like dragons? Actually I love fantasy beasts of all kinds because no one can tell you, "That's not what they look like!" I also love the challenge of creating something new. Making it seem real, with a personality that is unique. 
Animals are fun, humans are a challenge, but I am getting better at my humanoids. I still am not very fond of my portraits of people, however that too is getting better. 
A common question I am asked is, when did I start drawing. Well are you asking when I started to make lines on paper, or when I showed skill in the arts? 
The first question is like asking when did you start walking. Coloring things is something that many kids learn, so yes I have been drawing pretty much all my life. However, I showed a passion for it when I was six, that was the year 2005. Ah yes, such a long long time ago in a place far far away… just kidding I’m still young only seventeen, but to a six year old the place we went seemed pretty far far away.
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2005 was the year my parents, and I went to Africa for the first time. We went to the Iris Ministries Base in Mozambique. Being in the dirt without a tv, radio, or a box of toys for three whole months can do wonders for a kids imagination.
We slept in a tent, on air mattresses, and every night I would fall asleep listening to the book of Revelations, on the only electronic device I had access to, a little white iPod. I still remember the toys the other kids made at the orphanage, so awesome. Two sticks and a chunk of styrofoam became an airplane, they didn’t need plastic toys with blinking lights. 
Anyways my imagination shot off like a rocket. Rocks became characters, candy wrappers became blankets, and I would draw on any scraps of paper I could get my hands on. The blank pages inside my parents bibles were filled with scuba divers, and other adventures from the previous days. After that trip, I just never got over my drawing craze.
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 I now have two brothers, a nine year old and a five year old. I also have a three year old sister who seems to have gotten all the sass I lacked. I absolutely love my siblings, and have a high value for them. They are my best friends in the whole world. 
I live eighteen miles out of Homer, Alaska, and no, I don’t see polar bears out my window, and I can assure you my house is not made of ice.
Homer is… well, you have google so you can figure it out, but if you are just unable to tear yourself away from my webpage, here's something you can do. Give yourself a thumbs up for being awesome, now point that that thumb toward you. Now stick out your pointing finger. Tada! It's the shape of Alaska. Homer resides between the base of your finger, and the base of your thumb near the coast.
I live on a ranch with a small herd of horses, cows, dogs, cats, chickens, the odd porcupine and a few moose that like to hop the fences.
I myself have two horses, Cleo, a bay mare, and her three year old colt, Sage, who is a buckskin. Cleo is a bossy mare, who dislikes horses and loves humans, while Sage is just a laid back youngster ( at least, laid back for a horse.) who enjoys spooking at plastic bags at random times. 
I also have a cat named Elf who I got from my youth group’s white elephant gift exchange. He is a good cat when he isn’t breaking into kibble bags or gorging himself on dog treats that he somehow opened. He is great with kids, and a good mouser. 
Then there is Toffy. She is supposed to be a dog, a min pin to be precise, but sometimes, due to her color, shape, and size, I wonder if she isn’t really a genetically modified potato. She talks ALL the time. She argues with me, and gargles at me when I tell her no. She also gives hugs, and enjoys smelling people's hair behind their ears. She never licks, but likes to smear or bop her nose on you in affection. She likes to  sit at my shoulder on the back of the couch, and sleeps under my covers like a bed bug.
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Now here's the second question I get asked allot, “Where does your inspiration come from? Well, it comes from riding my horse through the trees, with the mountains ringing my vision. It comes when the fire dies low around the campfire, and the skies sparkle with light. It comes from the laughter of people. From when my horses snort and paw the earth, like war horses prepared for battle. It happens when the whale breaches, the sea crashes, and the ravens dance in the wind. It comes from the beat that ripples your heart when good music is played, the kind that makes you want to dance. It comes from creation, and because creation comes from the Maker, my inspiration comes from God. 
I love drawing during worship. When the music plays, especially faster music, I find my pencil dancing. I don’t know how many times people have mentioned that when I draw, I mimic the music with my movements. It's the way I worship God, and how I pray for people. Often times my drawings from worshipping God speak to specific people. Its way cool.
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I remember once when we were at a church in Phoenix, Arizona preparing for a message. I had decided to sit down and crank out some art on small square pieces of paper. I made about fifteen I think. During the service my father brought people up to speak prophetic words of encouragement over people. 
One of our team pointed to a man in the church and told him that he saw chains being dipped in fire as part of the purification process for his heart. Then I gave one of my art pieces to dad. (Mind you I was ten years old and shy.) Dad looked at the picture I had drawn an hour before hearing the prophetic word. It was a heart, with a chain draped about it, all lit afire. Dad gave it to the man and he was very touched. 
Its very common for me to draw pictures during worship, then have the pastor preach the very same message that is in my art. Even using descriptive words that match what I portrayed in the image. Also sometimes I will draw people's dreams, or give to them a picture that speaks to their personal prayers.
It's amazing what God does! I am so thankful for the gift He has given me!
I encourage all young artists out there, try putting on some music you can worship God to. Try your art then, ask Him to speak to you and you’ll be rocked by what you see.
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I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about me, and I hope you will enjoy the rest of my artwork as you browse my website.


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