Doodle Specter Dragon - Doodle Series - Fine Art Print


In my travels up the Lurkal coast, I came upon a strange sight in the morning mists. A long black dragon with a softy patterned wings emerged from the gray waters. It moved like ink upon the sand, its purple eyes softly glowing. 

I was very still for a long while, watching it as it stretched its wings, and licked the salt from its toes. Finally, with a shake of it's wings, it prepared to lift off. I waited in excitement to see it fly, but something caught its eye. Digging in the sand the dragon pulled forth a dead sea star. To my amazement, the dragon stared at it, as if marveling at its red color, then daintily cupped it to its massive chest as it launched up into the mists. 


Printed on lustrous archival paper, this fine art print will be a treasure to hold for years to come. Its luxurious satin finish gives the art a pop that makes the blacks deep and the colors vivid. 

Each print is created in FJ Creations Studio by Felicity Rae Jones herself and are official Made In Alaska products.


Felicity Rae Jones is a self-taught artist born and raised in Homer Alaska. 

She lives on her families homestead where she creates art almost every day. For her, art is an outpouring of the heart, and as her feelings splash into her creations, she strives for it to always reflect her wonder and amazement of God’s love.

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