Doodle Friesian Horse

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"The Friesian horses are a magnificent breed. Their large size yet nimble movement was the choice for most knights with heavy armor. Within this art piece you will find many interesting things.

There is a pistol, a sword, a hatchet, and an arrow to represent the many battles that brave horses waded into war to protect their humans. Lots of old western things are scattered about the horse as well. Butterflies and a hawk display the feeling of freedom you get when riding a galloping horse bareback.

An upside down ship honors the many horses that crossed great lengths of oceans."

-Felicity Rae Jones


Enjoy an art piece that reveals new hidden images every time you look at it.   


This art is drawn meticulously with a small pen by Felicity Rae Jones, and printed locally in Homer Alaska.


"I put into these art pieces whatever comes to mind as I draw. Often I will hide items and landscapes in the doodles, while other times I am simply creating shapes that please the eye.

My inspiration comes from many places, being outside, listening to music, reading my Bible, or perhaps even seeing an animal on the web that strikes my interest. "

-Felicity Jones


When purchasing this product, you will receive in 2-5 business days a high quality print of the art piece shown in the images above.