Doodle Compass Rose

FJ Creations



"This doodle was created with Homer Alaska in mind. In the very center of the compass is the latitude longitude on some broken boards. Poot Peak can be seen glaring white, and a heron stands alone. Someone paddles a bidarka across calm waters, and a gold pan spills its treasure. Such are the images I have hidden amidst this tangled doodle."

-Felicity Jones


Enjoy an art piece that reveals new hidden images every time you look at it.   


This art is drawn meticulously with a small pen by Felicity Rae Jones, and printed locally in Homer Alaska.


"I put into these art pieces whatever comes to mind as I draw. Often I will hide items and landscapes in the doodles, while other times I am simply creating shapes that please the eye.

My inspiration comes from many places, being outside, listening to music, reading my Bible, or perhaps even seeing an animal on the web that strikes my interest. "

-Felicity Jones


When purchasing this product, you will receive in 2-5 business days a high quality print of the art piece shown in the images above.

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