Doodle Bowhead Whale - Fine Art Print


“The Bowhead whale, a symbol of power, tenacity, and mystery,a wise choice to be a symbol of Alaska.”

- Felicity Rae Jones

If there ever was an art piece that so accurately captures the way I do art, it is this one. It began when I was double checking some of Alaska’s state symbols, and I noticed something I had not before. Our state marine mammal is a bowhead whale.

I looked up an image of these whales, and this magnificent creature instantly became one of my favorite animals. I began researching the lives these cold dwelling whales live, and was inspired to do an art piece of it.

So I took all that I had learned about this whale and began weaving together its story…

A story of overcoming odds as it lives its entire life int he cold northern seas, forcing open sheets of ice with its huge head just to get a breath of air.

A story of blood, as hunters came to harvest its flesh and utilize its bones, and as orcas constantly trying to steal their calves. 

A story of ancients, their life spans being long enough to be considered the one of longest living mammals to currently move upon this earth.

All this and more I took, and wove together into its designs, the entire piece causing me to marvel at God’s wonderful creation. With every pen stroke I became more firm in my belief that this whale is an excellent symbol for Alaska.


Printed on lustrous archival paper, this fine art print will be a treasure to hold for years to come. Its luxurious satin finish gives the art a pop that makes the blacks deep and the colors vivid. 

Each print is created in FJ Creations Studio by Felicity Rae Jones herself and are official Made In Alaska products.


Felicity Rae Jones is a self-taught artist born and raised in Homer Alaska. 

She lives on her families homestead where she creates art almost every day. For her, art is an outpouring of the heart, and as her feelings splash into her creations, she strives for it to always reflect her wonder and amazement of God’s love.

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