"Whistling Blue Rock Dragon" Vinyl Sticker

FJ Creations



Original drawing was drawn by Alaskan artist, Felicity Rae Jones. 


For years the the dwarves of Drunib thought that the mountains could sing, and that the wind whistling through their tunnels was its breath. It wasn’t until Gernson the Seeker that the dwarves finally realized it was not the mountains that whistled the deep thrumming melody, but the huge Rock Drakes singing to their mates as they traversed the tangle of tunnels.


Wonderfully made stickers that are not just awesome to look at, but are beautiful to the touch. Soft yet incredibly durable, these waterproof stickers work great on indoor or outdoor smooth surfaces. 


 Be sure to make sure that the surface is clean so that no dirt is trapped under the sticker. 

To place the sticker, peel the sticker off and make a taco shell shape out of it, with the sticky side on the outside. Place the sticker taco where you want it, then smooth out one side at a time, making sure there are no air bubbles.



This sticker is a dynamic cut sticker.

Made in Homer, Alaska. 


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